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How to maintain your parked car

How to maintain your parked car

For cars it is not recommended to be left long time without driving. ALD Automotive gives you some useful tips on how to maintain your car in a period when you are not actively driving

Fill the tank
The best option is to keep the car in a full tank in order to reduce condensation and to protect it from rust. For longer stays, it is advisable to add a stabilizer to the fuel  in the tank.

Check all vehicle fluids

All fluids, such as antifreeze, hydraulic and brake oils, must be checked and filled to the required level.

Check the tires
If you dont't drive your car for a few weeks that can lead to problems with the tires The  weight  of teh vehicle puts pressure on the tires which could provoke . In order to avoid such cases, inflate the tires to the maximum recomended pressure.

You can find instructions on the values below the tank cap, on the column next to the driver's door or in the vehicle's User manual.

Before you go a long way, be sure to check the condition of the tires.

Do not use the parking brake
Leave the vehicle with the parking brake off in order to prevent the brake pads from sticking to the discs. Instead, use supports or large stones below the tires to prevent them from setting off.

Start the engine periodically
It is advisable to move your car for a short period of about 15 minutes at least once a week, but if you do not have the option, you can let the engine run for the same period on site.
This helps to oil the engine and is useful for the cooling system, but most of all it will protect the battery of your vehicle.

Wash the car well
If the car will be parked for a long time, wash it well. Exterior stains n the paint (from mud, oil and others) over time damage the surface and paint coat.

Garage and outdoor parking
It is best to store the car in a garage. In this case, make sure that the premise is ventilated periodically. Also, leave the windows of the car slightly open to avoid condensation inside the passenger compartment.

When parking outside, choose a location without a slope, and position the vehicle away from trees. If you need to park under a tree, make sure to use a cover to protect the car.