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How to protect the vehicle from the sun?

How to protect the vehicle from the sun?

With high temperatures, the risk of vehicle breakdowns increases, mainly in the cooling systems, but the heat also affects engine performance and other sensitive parts of the car. Therefore, during the summer season it is necessary to take special care of the vehicle:

When looking for parking, choosing one in the shade is the best option – this way the paint of the bodywork would be better protected from the sun, as well as the material of the steering wheel and the seats. In this sense, if it is impossible to park in a shady location, make sure to place a sunshade and protectors on the steering wheel so that they do not overheat. Regarding the bodywork, the sun also affects the color, so the car should be washed frequently to remove any corrosive substances that adhere to it and use an absorbent wax for sun rays.

Excessive heat can also affect the engine temperature, so keep an eye on it and, if it is too high, a solution that can prevent a breakdown is to turn on the heater to release heat. Due to the same problem of overheating, we need to pay special attention to the vehicle's cooling system. The air conditioning must be in perfect working order to cope with high temperatures.

Tires also suffer more in hot conditions. It is important to check the tire pressure, because if the tires are underinflated, the tread will heat up even more due to the contact with the asphalt, causing greater tire wear. The same happens with the braking system, which always works at high temperatures, so in the summer months it is easier for them to overheat, which would reduce the useful life of the brake fluid and cause deformation of the discs.

To all this we must add that it is usually in these holiday season when the vehicle makes the longest journey of the whole year, so we from ALD Automotive we remind the importance of making periodic cheks of the car and drive in an efficient and unaggressive way, thus contributing to the promotion of sustainable mobility.