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Which were the safest cars of 2018 according to Euro NCAP?

Which were the safest cars of 2018 according to Euro NCAP?

Like every year, Euro NCAP, the organization that assesses safety of vehicles in Europe, awards the “Best in Class”award. In 2018, the winners were Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Lexus ES and Hyundai NEXO.

At the end of every year, Euro NCAP anounces the safest cars in Europe based on their strict criteria, tests and evaluation. In 2018 the safest car in the different segments are - the Mercedes-Benz A Class, the stand out performer amongst Small Family Cars and this year’s overall best result; the Lexus ES, the best all-round performer in the Large Family Car category; and the Hyundai NEXO the best of the Large Off-Roaders2.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The new generation of A Class demonstrates an important evolutionary leap in technology and security, with systems so far reserved for the superior models. Thus, the new A Class incorporates a semi-autonomous driving system, able to stay in the same lane even tracing curves, keep the safety distance from the vehicle in front, automatic emergency stop assist or technology called Distronic, which modifies the speed depending based on the information of navigation system, recognizing that you are approaching crossroads, a roundabout...

Lexus ES

So far, the Lexus ES  was predominantly marketed in markets like the USA, but the Japanese brand has decided to introduce the model in Europe, using the occasion of the unch of its seventh generation. The Lexus ES  is using a completely new platform, and is as well a hybrid. Euro NCAP has presented its “Best in Class” award to this model in two categories: as the safest saloon and the safest hybrid/ electric vehicle.

In terms of safety, the equipment is completed with the Lexus Safety System + security package, includeing active safety technologies such as the Pre-Collision system with vehicle and pedestrian detection, the adaptive front-lighting system and a extensive list of driving assistants.

Hyundai NEXO

Hyundai Nexo is the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to undergo Euro NCAP testing, achieving the highest five-star rating. This high score was achieved through various driving assist systems, such as the Lane Keeping Assist , Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist or adaptive cruise control, combined with the information from the navigation to adjust the speed.

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