What is vehicles operational leasing?

Operational leasing of vehicles is a complete solution for your fleet. You rent vehicles long-term, including a complete range of services related to their usage. In practice, fleet funding and management are being outsourced to a specialised service provider – this is us. This is how we help you to focus on your business.


How does it work?
What we do:

  • we finance the vehicles;
  • we manage all the rest, related to the vehicles fleet: registration and delivery, insurance coverage, full maintenance, tires management, 24/7 road assistance in Bulgaria and EU, replacement vehicle, etc. – a complete range of services;
  • we bear the residual value risk in the end of the leasing period.

The customers benefit from:

  • all the advantages of the full service operational leasing;
  • leasing without advance payment;
  • a fixed monthly installment which includes:
    • the vehicle usage cost, not the purchase cost;
    • the cost of services included in the operational leasing contract

Оperational leasing contract with 0% advance is concluded for:

  • any vehicle (make, model) up to 3.5 t weight;
  • а period between 12 and 60 months;
  • a pre-defined total mileage of maximum 180 000 km;
  • a scope of services chosen by you

By choosing ALD Automotive, you choose a strong partner in operational leasing with international and local expertise who will help you to reduce costs and save time and resources for your business.


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