What is vehicles operational leasing?

Operational leasing of vehicles is a complete solution for your fleet. You rent vehicles long-term, including a complete range of services related to their usage. In practice, fleet funding and management are being outsourced to a specialised service provider – this is us. This is how we help you to focus on your business.


How does it work?
What we do:

  • we finance the vehicles;
  • we manage all the rest, related to the vehicles fleet: registration and delivery, insurance coverage, full maintenance, tires management, 24/7 road assistance in Bulgaria and EU, replacement vehicle, etc. – a complete range of services;
  • we bear the residual value risk in the end of the leasing period.

The customers benefit from:

  • all the advantages of the full service operational leasing;
  • leasing without advance payment;
  • a fixed monthly installment which includes:
    • the vehicle usage cost, not the purchase cost;
    • the cost of services included in the operational leasing contract

Оperational leasing contract with 0% advance is concluded for:

  • any vehicle (make, model) up to 3.5 t weight;
  • а period between 12 and 60 months;
  • a pre-defined total mileage of maximum 180 000 km;
  • a scope of services chosen by you

By choosing ALD Automotive, you choose a strong partner in operational leasing with international and local expertise who will help you to reduce costs and save time and resources for your business.

List of mandatory documents to be provided to ALD Automitive regarding new operational leasing requests:

  • Copy of ID of all legal representatives/proxies/procurators and UBOs of the company;
  • Certified copy of the relevant licence, authorisation or certificate of registration, where a particular activity is subject to licensing, authorisation or registration;
  • *Latest available financial report/statements (not older than 18 months);
  • *Article of incorporation and Certificate of good standing;
  • *Declaration under art. 59 of MAMLA in the cases in which UBOs can not be identified/verified through the presented information in the Trade register;

*This information should be provided to ALD Automotive when it is not published in the Bulgarian Trade register.

ALD Automotive EOOD reserves the right to request additional/specific information after consideration of the requested mandatory documents.

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