Experts in operational leasing and fleet management

ALD Automotive EOOD is part of the Societe Generale group of companies specialized in provision of operational leasing including services and fleet management. Despite our young age – 6 years – we are the leading company in this field in Bulgaria.

Why ALD Automotive?

By combining professionalism with quality, we strive to provide 360 ° solution to our customers, aiming to meet all their expectations. We are your consultant who will help you optimize your costs and ensure your mobility.

Our team of professionals in the field of operating leasing and fleet management possesses and applies the knowledge of our international colleagues by conforming them to the local market and adapting them to your individual needs. We stand by your side while choosing your vehicles brands and models; we stand by your side during the whole leasing contract duration by providing constant support in using all agreed services, and returning cars at the end of the leasing period.

Our commitment is to provide you with excellent quality services so you can focus on your core business. This is our top priority, and throughout customer care, satisfaction surveys and constant support, we guarantee that we are more than a service provider; we are your partner.

We offer innovative solutions to improve the mobility of both fleet managers and drivers, by developing online tracking and reporting tools, mobile applications and portals, thus simplifying your activities.

Last but not least, ALD Automotive takes care of providing the most efficient solutions for protecting the environment and reducing the carbon footprint of our customers fleet.

Foundation: 2014
Employees: 42
Headquater: Business Park Sofia, Building 11 B, 4th floor, 1766 Sofia, Bulgaria
Contact us
+359 2 802 61 20