Your fleet benefits from the maintenance services in the ALD Automotive partner network.
Your drivers are using a well maintained vehicle.

Your employees simply need to present their ALD Automotive card to benefit from a full range of maintenance services

  • All regular maintenance services according to manufacturers regulations and recommendations for the contracted period and mileage
  • All unpredicted repairs of the vehicle, that are not the part of regular maintenance, for the contracted period and mileage
  • Technical inspections of Vehicles which require such inspection on account of their age, as well as the repairs recommended following the inspection



  • Your employees do not have to advance any money and are free to choose the ALD Automotive partner garage they prefer to handle their maintenance from the vehicle’s manufacturer network
  • ALD Automotive manages all invoices and checks and makes all payments.
  • A dedicated technical specialist monitors the maintenance carried out within the agreed garages.
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