With ALD Automotive we can assure your and your employees' continued mobility.

Whether it is a breakdown, an accident or the theft of a vehicle contracted through operational leasing, the breakdown assistance service covering all Bulgaria and Europe,  is available 24/7 non-stop.
In any of the 3 cases mentioned above you will benefit from:

  • On-the-spot Repairs, depending on the type of breakdown
  • Towing to the nearest garage
  • Troubleshooting, in the event of fuel run out

Depending on the circumstances the driver of the immobilized vehicle can choose between:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • A replacement vehicle
  • Transport to destination or return to office or home 



  • In the event of a vehicle immobilization your drivers are guaranteed an efficient and continued mobility service.
  • The ALD Automotive drivers will be guided by the non-stop breakdown assistance company both in Bulgaria and Europe.
  • The replacement vehicle is available 
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